What can we do for you

WORTH WATCHING – This explains out POINT OF DIFFERENCE to Tilers, Builders and the services we offer!

We specialize in a number of areas:

A: You can Purchase your own DIY Grout Colour Seal

Grout Perfect™ New Zealand” is the exclusive importer and distributor of Authentic Acrylic Colour Sealers from the United States. (Made in Miami, Florida, USA) since early 1990’s, Grout Perfect™ is the highest quality, rubber infused, and concrete hardened colour protector in the world! You cannot purchase it from a retail hardware store!

Grout Perfect™ Colour Sealer is a significant add-on to our other service operations and offerings.



B: We can TILE new regions, and Repair OLD

Broken, tired kitchen, or bathroom and shower regions needing rejuvenation and makeover without the cost of replacement!

Grout Perfect™ can lift and replace broken tiles, refresh the grout regions, and make over a tired zone without you needing a builder or the expense of re-tiling, when your tiles are in perfect condition

C: We Rejuvenate and repair tiled showers