Become an Applicator

Become an Applicator
You can be fully set-up and operational from as little as $1655 + GST

If you are a current tile and grout specialist then here is your opportunity to source, use and benefit from a world leading Grout Colour Sealer.

With its UNIQUE and exclusive ‘HORIZONTALLY CERTIFIED’ sealant qualification, you will be assured that the product will hold up for years on a floor or flat surface.

You also are buying an original, and manufactured sealer directly from the United States, and NOT a copy, or Asian manufactured sealer claiming similar properties.

All you have to do is buy the 16 pack (250ml) Full Colour Kit (see our Whole Sale Price List), and you will be able to in the future purchase Grout Perfect at Wholesale pricing. It’s actually that easy.

NZ Technician Start Up Kit

Download (click-on) HERE: Business Kit Application Form

Add $450 + Gst for your own One on One ‘at your place’ training and induction

Simply buy your Start Up Kit NOW! Just email or better RING us: Phil 021 799922

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