Colour Seal Grout

How to colour seal grout in floors

Step 1.
Once the area is clean and dry apply a bead of Grout Perfects Colour Seal down the grout joint work 1 lineal metre at a time.

Step 2.
Using our applicator brush, tooth brush or finger lightly work the sealer down the grout joint.

Step 3.
Simply wipe away any excess grout sealer from the tile surface by moving your hand down the grout joint with our damp rung out microfiber chamois and your grout is restored. Tip!  Minimize the amount of excess grout sealer left on the tile during the wiping but be sure to cover all of the grout in the joint.

Step 4.
After 1 hour lightly mist the floor using our maintain neutral cleaner or a window cleaning solution than towel dry, this process removes any haze left over from the colour sealer. Tip! If you find it hard to remove the haze than use a white scour pad agitate with maintain or window cleaner than towel dry.

Do not wet mop clean your floors for 2 weeks after colour sealing vacuum only and enjoy your new floor!