Colour Sealing Walls and Showers

How to grout colour seal your tiled walls and showers

Step 1.
Always clean your tile and grout wall first with our diluted Restore tile and grout cleaner, apply to your tile and grout wall with either our hand trigger sprayer or pump up sprayer keep spraying for 2 minutes.

Step 2.
Now use your grout brush to agitate the grout than rinse with clean water or by using a sponge dipped in water or our Maintain tile and grout cleaner.

Step 3.
Once the area is dry, apply a bead of Grout Perfects Colour Sealer up the grout joint starting down the bottom, now use your finger to work the sealer up in the joint, simply wipe gently away any excess grout sealer from the tile surface moving over the grout joint, 2 or 3 lines at a time with our damp rung out microfiber chamois and your grout is restored! After 1 hour lightly buff the tiles with a terry towel or soft white scour pad using our Maintain neutral cleaner or any window cleaning solution make sure you keep the wall wet before buffing with your towel this process removes any haze left over from the colour sealing application.

Do not use shower for 5 days longer the better we hope you enjoy your new shower. We recommend Sparkle Shower from Woolworths for maintenance cleaning.