Maintain Tile and Grout

How to maintain and clean your tile and grout on a regular basis!

Step 1. – Vacuum or Dry sweep your floor first.
Step 2. – Wet clean.  You can use either a standard mop or a microfiber mop, we prefer the stringer mops as these mops can reach down into the grout joint during maintenance cleaning.
Add some neutral pH 7 chemical to your water, such as Grout Perfects Maintain.The mop will ‘grab’ the surface and lift off most daily grime. Use some pressure to work the mop! Than dry the floor with a bath towel or terry towel, ( try not to let the area you just cleaned dry on its own! ) This is a very important step in keeping tiled floors and grout squeaky clean. Tip! Once you wet mop a floor the dirt is now emulsified and towel drying will remove the now dirty liquid leaving your tile and grout clean and free off contamination. Remember moisture evaporates dirt does not.

Whatever chemical you use, make sure to read the label first to ensure that it is a pH 7 neutral floor cleaner as higher pH chemicals can re soil tile and grout floors faster due to not being rinsed off after use. Most cleaning supply shops sell a neutral cleaner for tiled floor surfaces. If you find your colour sealed grout is darkening use a soft grout brush and window cleaner than dry with a towel. For showers we recommend you using Sparkle Shower you can buy this product at woolworths shopping centres.