Renew and Rejuvenate ON BUDGET

An assessment takes around 10 minutes on site, leave a key of you wish as we service a lot of investment properties and rentals while the owners are absent!

We rejuvenate, renew and makeover the following regions with professional finish and upmost honestly and integrity. This is why we are generally booked well in advance, and have a large repeat client base from the building industry, rental property managers and home owners.

  • Repair, lift re-glue replace broken and lose tiles
  • Install replacement EPOXY Marine Grade Grout in whetted zones where old grout has failed
  • Replace silicone and shower door strips as needed
  • Rejuvenate large floor zone grout channels back to a universal colour constant easy to maintain grout to renew a floor zone
  • Grout and repair external Balcony Tile Zones