Restore Tile and Grout

How to restore your tile and grout using high pH solutions

Use when your floors require a restoration clean or prior to colour sealing your grout.

Step 1. – Vacuum
Vacuum or Dry sweep your floors first.

Step 2. – Dilute
Dilute/Mix Restore as per labeled directions with warm water show pic. Apply your mixed solution generously to your tile and grout with either a mop or deck brush. Do not let the mixed solution dry out on surface . show pic WARNING FLOORS ARE VERY SLIPPERY RIGHT NOW show pic falling over.

Step 3. – Soak
Leave the liquid Restore to work for several minutes this will give you a better clean do not let the solution dry keep wet, if solution has dried re apply and agitate.

Step 4. – Scrub
Scrub the area using your stand up grout brush or hand grout brush to agitate the tile and the grout, work up and down the grout joint and across the tile surface. show pic of grout cleaning and a pic of tile cleaning

Step 5. – Extract
Remove the now dirty liquid using an old mop transfer back into bucket or use an old towel or even a small shop vac comes in real handy here.

Step 6. – Rinse
Pour clean water or diluted Maintain cleaner over the surface to rinse, Extract using a clean mop or clean towel even a small shop vac comes in real handy here.

Step 7. – Dry
DO NOT leave the surface to dry naturally. Use a clean dry terry towel or clean dry bath towel to soak up any water your floors should now be restored.