Testimonials & Technical Proof


SHOWERS – September 2019

I just wanted to let you know how happy we were with the cleaning and re-grouting service provided by one of your applicators. They arrived promptly, provided courteous service, answered all our questions and we were extremely happy with the completed job.

Kind regards
Craig & Debra Humphrey’s, DUNEDIN

En-Suite Bathroom and showers  – May 2018
Last Tuesday I had the absolute pleasure of having a Grout Perfect™ technician come out, sorry I can’t remember his name! to clean the grout in our all-white en-suite. Not only was he punctual, professional and extremely skilled, but they were both just wonderful courteous men. Nothing was too much for them, and the care they took with laying towels down to protect our carpet from the hoses, just goes to show the level of service we received.

Couldn’t be happier with the results and we will have no hesitation in recommending you to all, and have you return to our new house (that sadly has more white grout than this one!)

Kindest regards,
Nicole Saunders Wellington North

April 2018

We would like to sing our praises of your company which is owned and run by Phil.
Our daughters home is at Parnell, Auckland and was fully re-grouted and sealed approx two years ago and because of the excellent job that was done by Grout Perfect™ and the beautiful new clean look it gave her home we decided to have our (new built home done scrub cleaned and sealed before we moved in). What a great decision that was, as we have been in for approx 18 months and the wear and tear from our grandchildren spills and general wear of our flooring has worked out fantastic and it was totally justified our outlay. With the recommended washing and light cleaning of the tiled floor areas (with light beige grout ) and the use of the special cleaner Jamie recommended for us the tiled floors and especially the grout has repelled all dirt and stains in both houses.

Tom and Lee Sullivan


Hello Phil – February 2017

We have built a brand new home in Queenstown and had Phil from Grout Perfect do the Sealing and colour protection for all our tiled bathroom, showers and the kitchen zones. The outcomes has been astonishing! We have had no issues with the job, and being able to use my Steam Mop to maintain the floors is remarkable. Phil gave us the guarantee, so we are confident the Grout Perfect is by far the very best available!

Justine Donald, Lake Hayes Estate, Queenstown

Phil please accept our thanks – March 2016

The Grout Perfect protection in our Hotel Foyer has worked really well. After all this time, we don’t have any stains or dirty areas… at all! My ‘house keeping’ probably even save time cleaning the regions too. I will personally recommend our other hotels look at getting Grout Perfect applied in house also. All the best in the venture and your business expansion, I am sure you will do well with the product sealer.

Kindest regards,
IHG Hotel Group Queenstown

 The Technical Data

 Tested in laboratories by coating experts in the USA there findings are:

Epoxy grout stains:  There is no such thing as a one part epoxy. By sheer definition epoxy is a minimum two part formula, a resin and an accelerate, that requires mixing immediately before usage and only remains workable for minutes after combining these ingredients.  Therefore, there is no known grout sealer that is an epoxy.  Grout Perfect™ colour-seal utilizes a concrete hardener that activates only when it contacts the ingredients of cement (grout) such as calcium carbonate (limestone) and a silica (ground granite) aggregate. That is why Grout Perfect™ colour-seal actually hardens on grout and remains removable from the ceramic tiles. These are only some of the many attributes contained in Grout Perfects colour sealer.

Another reason why grout stains, dyes or house paint is not appropriate for grout sealing is because they are soft coatings that absorb moisture when wet and then stains.  House paints and dyes are designed for a vertical surface that allows moisture to run off quickly not a horizontal surface where liquid and emulsifying cleaner will dwell on and absorb into the soft house paint that causes a slight erosion during each cleaning.  Also a soft flexible coating on a horizontal surface (grout) will absorb dirt.

They describe grout perfects colour sealing formula the most hardest possible ingredient that will produce the hardest possible surface with an ease of application. Here is a list of there findings and attributes in alphabetical order.